Cloud ERP Services

InCloud360 resells Cloud ERP services with Intacct Cloud ERP being our core service offering. We only resell software solutions that are a true cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS). We provide implementation, customization, extensions, integrations and post implementation support services as well as management consulting for process improvement associated with your application of the software services.

Focus on Finance

We are a believer in providing the most feature rich product available within the functional area.  Applying best-of-breed applications in an enterprise is a very viable and prudent strategy and approach, especially with regard to software-as-a-service solutions, now that the technologies exist whereby best-of-breed applications can easily connect via open APIs.  There is no longer the need to invest heavily in suite solutions that require you to purchase unnecessary modules or compromise by using functional modules that are short on features in order to have seamless integration.

Why best-of-breed? See why acclaimed business strategist Geoffrey Moore says best-of-breed is the “new normal.” Watch now>>

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Our solution partners have pre-built connectors using open APIs to many other best-of-breed solutions, such as, so you don't have to develop the connector nor use expensive middleware solutions. In the case of Intacct, the connectors are guaranteed not to break as a result of Intacct product upgrades.

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If a pre-built connector is not currently available, developer kits and open APIs are available or we can provide the services.

Commitment & Industry Expertise

We have committed to one solution within each of the functional areas in order to develop the greatest level of product expertise as well as warrant the highest level of support from our providers. We don’t pretend to be application agnostic or have a solution for every scenario or industry. We target industries where we have worked in practice and are the strength of our solution partners.

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Honesty & Knowledge

We only sell business solutions that are a true cloud based software-as-a-service. We do not “cloud wash” old technology because we don't know any better or intentionally apply marketing spin to have you believe you are getting modern technology. Many of the existing on-premise companies and/or their resellers host the application in a data center - generally with another third party provider - or infrastructure-as-a-service and in turn claim the application is “in the cloud”.  The benefits are not the same – learn by downloading our whitepaper.


Managed services are provided by our service providers so there is no concern regarding unknown third parties having access to your data or the level of service you are getting.