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Break Down Inter-Department Barriers with Chatter

by | Oct 15, 2014

Intacct chatterA new update to the Intacct product backbone will provide enterprise level collaboration to businesses of all sizes—within your financial application. Intacct Collaborate builds upon Intacct’s relationship with Salesforce, using Chatter social network to help organizations ease the communication between organizations—finance, IT, sales, purchasing, etc.—by offering in-application views and communication. Why is this a big deal?

Intacct Collaborate embeds Salesforce Chatter to create a secure social layer across all finance processes and across devices through the Salesforce1 Mobile App—removing the need for long strings of email surrounding financial decisions.

Kill Email Overload

Using email for collaboration introduces unnecessary friction within an organization by making employees swap back and forth between applications and by increasing the risk that important process issues are neglected due to email overload.

However, with this new addition to Intacct, employees can conduct conversations right inside Intacct’s cloud financial management application, directly on specific records such as journal entries, accounts, projects, invoices, purchase requisitions, and more.

This addition will facilitate greater collaboration, expedite the decision making process, and ultimately provide increased agility– making companies more competitive.

Intacct Collaborate: The Facts

For the Sparknotes version of the updates, Intacct Collaborate:

  • Is built on Salesforce Chatter, the leading enterprise social network
  • Delivers collaboration across applications (Intacct and Salesforce Sales Cloud) and across devices through the Salesforce1 Platform
  • Helps employees move quickly from discussion to action
  • Gives employees the complete picture as they converse, with in-context communication
  • Captures dialogue and decisions, for later reference, within the systems of record

Further, Director of Product Marketing at Intacct, Vijay Ramakrishan, provides a short explanation in the video below.

Brilliant Addition to a Brilliant Product

This is not the first valuable improvement that Intacct has made this year. Their recent improvement, Intacct Performance Cards, gives your business deeper knowledge of the key performance indicators and your progress toward meeting goals. Further, with the Intacct Marketplace, you are able to find any integration you need to run your business more smoothly.

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