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Choose an Accounting Solution You can Be Thankful For

by | Nov 24, 2014

Financial Management to Be Thankful ForWith the holidays right around the corner, it’s important to take a second to remember what you’re thankful for. Friends, family, a growing business, and a team of great employees committed to helping build your business.

However, are you thankful for your accounting software? If you are still using an entry-level solution like QuickBooks, you could be loathing the idea that you will be in office trying to tie up loose ends at the end of the month that would be easily completed through smart automation. You may be fearing that your backups aren’t secure. You might be having nightmares of never-ending spreadsheets in which one small error could cause hours upon hours of additional work.

But why? You’re a smart business owner who has grown his or her business through smart financial decisions. Shouldn’t you find an accounting solution that allows you to make more informed decisions by tailoring reporting and key performance indicators based on your specific industry?

If you intend to grow your business in 2015, and are already pushing the limits of your current software, how well do you think this will work one year from now?

Why not choose a solution that will support your growth in 2015, 2020, and beyond?

Find a solution for which you can be thankful. Intacct is built to support businesses of all sizes—from the ten-person startup to the multinational software firm. Wouldn’t it be best to seek a solution that provides the same world-class service tailored to your industry and built to support growth?

This solution, Intacct, has helped thousands of financial professionals feel thankful for their financial management platform, and can help your business do the same. Test this cloud solution for thirty days, and when you understand that it’s right for you, we’ll help you understand and effectively use your new software. Contact InCloud360 to learn more about you move to the cloud with Intacct.