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Cloud Accounting Services

We provide sales, implementation, customization, extensions, integrations, and post implementation support services as well as management consulting for process improvement associated with your application of the software services for mid-market companies.


Sales, Implementation, and support

Our industry knowledge and direct experience in practitioner roles serves us well in providing advisory and consulting services for operational improvement – specifically in terms of process improvement, automation, and best practices. Having lived with the outcomes of our recommendations is a differentiator for InCloud360. Our recommendations focus on the cross functional core business processes having the greatest opportunity for improved efficiency – such as the Quote-to-Cash process.

InCloud360 provides professional services offerings for our Cloud Financial Management Services that position us with the unique capability to provide greater value to our customers. 


5 Signs Your Accounting System is Holding You back


Assessment, Discovery, and Planning

  • Identify the opportunities of greatest value and determine the best approach for leveraging cloud services within your organization from a business and technology perspective
  • Present the business agility, scalability, and financial value cloud services can bring to your enterprise in a language non-technical that an executive understands, and technical teams appreciate
  • Assess the organizational maturity and readiness in preparation of moving to the cloud
  • Provide a Summary of Findings with current and future states, ROI analysis, proposed solution, and an agreed upon close plan
  • Proposal that includes a schedule of subscription services, payment terms and statement of work (SOW) outlining the implementation plan


InCloud360 works with Ascentium Capital for financing. Customers have the choice of financing the initial subscription for 12 months, and the implementation for 12, 24, or 36 months.  Renewals may be financed as well.

InCloud360 will work with other providers in the best interest of both parties


Project Methodology

At InCloud360, we have experience implementing large-scale enterprise ERP and custom development projects therefore we generally follow the traditional waterfall methodology for project delivery. However, SaaS solutions, or cloud services, allows us to adopt a more agile methodology – especially the smaller less complicated projects or projects that have some degree of uncertainty. This approach requires more commitment of engagement and active collaboration from the client, which when adhered to allows InCloud360 to provide shorter project timelines and the potential for a lower implementation cost.

Project Approach

Cloud services implementations require substantially less on-site actively because much of the configuration work is done within the service providers console by the implementation team. For other activities that are consultative in nature such as process improvement, we prefer to work very collaboratively with our customers – generally on-site or via web conferencing. The consulting component of the project, local service and support, and the level of experience beyond the core application is the differentiation between VARs and the service providers.

Some activities can be delivered by the customer to lessen the implementation cost. We are flexible and therefore work with our customers to find a schedule and approach that meets their needs and budget.

Data Migration

Data migration from the old to the new system can add to the overall cost and length of the project in four ways depending on which party does the migration; the amount of data (both quantity and length of historical), the effort required to cleanse, the conversion/translation from old to new, and the testing and balancing of accounts once imported.  Generally, customers opt for two years of summary historical and current year detail data.

We provide training on the conversion and import process so the customer can successfully do so to lower the cost, or we can provide the service.  We do the same for the testing and balancing the accounts.

Post Implementation Support

We complete the project 60 days after go-live to help the client through two month-end closes, adapt to the new processes, and make changes as needed to meet their business demands to ensure a smooth transition.  Once we move from project completion to support, we provide first level support as well as manage escalations and other activities.  We plan to forge a long-term relationship with our clients.


Focus on Finance

We are a believer in providing the most feature rich product available within the functional area.  Applying best-of-breed applications in an enterprise is a very viable and prudent strategy and approach, especially regarding software-as-a-service solutions now that the technologies exist whereby best-of-breed applications can easily connect via open APIs.  There is no longer the need to invest heavily in suite solutions that require you to purchase unnecessary modules or compromise by using functional modules that are short on features to have seamless integration.


Our solution partners have pre-built connectors using open APIs to many other best-of-breed solutions, such as, so you don’t have to develop the connector nor use expensive middleware solutions. In the case of Intacct, the connectors are guaranteed not to break because of Intacct product upgrades.

If a pre-built connector is not currently available, developer kits and open APIs are available, or we can provide the services.  If you prefer, or it makes better sense, we offer affordable middleware to integrate to your enterprise applications

Commitment & Industry Expertise 

We have committed to one solution within each of the functional areas to develop the greatest level of product expertise as well as warrant the highest level of support from our providers. We do not pretend to be application agnostic or have a solution for every scenario or industry. We target industries where we have worked in practice and are the strength of our solution partners.

Honesty & Knowledge

We represent business solutions that are a true cloud-based software-as-a-service. We do not “cloud wash” old technology because we do not know any better or intentionally apply marketing spin to have you believe you are getting modern technology. Many of the existing on-premises companies and/or their resellers host the application in a data center – generally with another third-party provider – or infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and in turn claim the application is “in the cloud”.  The benefits are not the same – learn by downloading our whitepaper.


Managed services are provided by our service providers so there is no concern regarding unknown third parties having access to your data or the level of service you are getting.