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Enterprise Level Software Priced for the Mid-Market Business

by | Nov 12, 2014

Scalable Cloud AccountingWe’ve been sharing a statement recently, that Intacct is the enterprise solution for businesses of all sizes. Of course it’s an affordable solution for the mid-market while providing security, scalability, and uptime that the enterprise can’t live without, this being proven by studies like Skyhigh CloudTrust Program, but enterprises may be skeptical to choose something that prides itself upon such a wide span of customers.

With respect to the skepticism held by potential enterprise clients, we could share case studies of Intacct’s success with public companies, pre-IPO companies, and multi-national ventures; we could show you demos upon demos for your specific industry; or we could answer the key questions that any solution should answer a potential enterprise client.

What’s the Point of Differentiation?

With so many different solutions for so many different enterprises, it may seem like the ERP and accounting platform market is incredibly saturated. It’s true, suites saturate this market, offering you mediocre blanket coverage for which you’d need to find workarounds.

The words “built for finance” come to mind. Intacct offers to your organization an exclusive R&D focus in its updates, meaning the updates and improvements will only come to your financial software.

Do you want to use a CRM system? Take your pick from enterprise-preferred options like or SugarCRM in the Intacct Marketplace. Same with options for payroll, point of sale, subscription, or even supply chain.

Does the best of the best—no matter the business category—sound different from an option like Dynamics or NetSuite?

Has it Been Tested?

Tested? By whom? From those who test every update ad nauseum to the 8,500 plus satisfied businesses who use it every day to our own company, Intacct has been tested to assure you will never falter, even in the most extreme circumstances.

Is It Scalable?

Even as we opened this article by sharing with you the ability of this solution to scale, we would like to share with you Intacct’s ability to automate and manage transactions for thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of users; easily meeting the needs of a global business. For instance, here’s how some Intacct customers are doing, by the numbers:

  • 100s of entities: Intacct is automating multi-entity management and financial consolidations for customers with hundreds of locations in their organization
  • 1,000s of users: Intacct’s biggest customers are improving productivity with thousands of users on the platform
  • 100,000s of customers: Intacct is streamlines the order-to-cash process for businesses that have hundreds of thousands of customers
  • 100,000s of transactions: Customers are quickly and securely processing hundreds of thousands of daily transactions with Intacct

What Failsafes Are in Place?

If you haven’t been paying much attention to our blog, we have shared on multiple occasions the failsafes that Intacct offers consumers. From minimized downtime (how does an average downtime of less than 1 hour, 20 minutes per year sound? For comparison, we’ve included NetSuite downtime at least 0.01% worse), cloud servers with security measures your IT department dreams of, or redundant data protected in the premier facilities built to protect enterprise servers; Intacct has put together a solution so that even enterprise users can buy with confidence.

Will There Be a Team in Place?

Clearly, bringing success for other enterprise players into the equation, Intacct has built teams of both value-added resellers and internal customer success departments. From decision to implementation, there will always be a team in place to ensure your employees are trained and ready to succeed using this software.

Enterprise Ready. Are You?

Built to scale, built to bring the best of the best to your organization, and built for your success. We would like to thank Entrepreneur Magazine for sharing the key questions businesses need to answer before pitching an enterprise client, and invite you to ask us questions of your own by contacting us.