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Garter’s Annual Report Reveals the Top-Rated Product Scores for Core Financials

by | Sep 21, 2020


In Gartner’s annual report for midmarket core financials, Garter analyzes the cloud core financials for midsize, large, and global enterprises. They determine the ranking for the product or service by comparing each enterprise in its specific use case. More businesses are moving to cloud financial systems, and the need for reliable systems is greatly increasing. Garter recognizes this need and develops the report to show customers which enterprises offer the most valuable products.

According to the report, Sage Intacct has received the highest product score in Core Financials for the Lower Midsize Enterprises use case for the fourth year running. In such a competitive industry, holding the top spot reveals how Sage Intacct effectively manages to adapt year after year in order to satisfy their customer’s wants and needs.

With Oracle (NetSuite) just 0.10 points shy, the competition affirms that the most important aspects of fast-paced digital business revolve around scalability, customer satisfaction, and product capability. NetSuite may have above-average functionality and global reach, but Sage Intacct excels with distinguished customer satisfaction, exemplary product capability, and lower midmarket scalability.

Specifically catering to the lower midmarket allows Sage Intacct to concentrate on how they can deliver the best service possible in that market, which is something that NetSuite lacks in their performance and scalability.

Published in conjunction with the Critical Capabilities report is the Garter Magic Quadrant, which scales finance organizations based on their ability to execute and completeness of vision. Garter states that a Visionary is an organization that understands “how the office of finance is changing as core financial management applications move to the cloud.” By naming Sage Intacct a Visionary, Garter recognizes that the company utilizes successful approaches to managing and delivering cloud financial systems.

Sage Intacct is an example of how enterprises can find the precise balance of maintaining reliable products while keeping their customers at the center of their focus. It’s no secret that innovation and functional capabilities are necessary for managing lower midsize organizations, but the way enterprises accomplish their goals is what sets them apart. While other companies fixate on constantly expanding their clientele pool, Sage Intacct emphasizes transferring quality products, connecting with a wide range of customers, and ensuring that the customer’s needs are met.

Click here to access the full report and see why Garter named Sage Intacct a 2020 Visionary. If you have any questions regarding Sage Intacct or cloud financials in general, contact InCloud360.