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Intacct Announces 47% Growth in New Bookings

by | Mar 3, 2016

IntacctIf you work in the accounting or finance industry, you are no doubt familiar with the positive pattern of Intacct’s growth. Founded in 1999, the company today boasts a customer list of more than 10,500 organizations that use the company’s financial solutions.

Intacct’s second quarter, which ended December 31, increased new bookings 47% over the same quarter last year. That’s not an unusual success story for this firm. The first half of Intacct’s current year showed an increase of 45% in new bookings. The company continues to show year-over-year increases in its customer base.

The second quarter’s growth consisted not only of new bookings but also of add-on bookings from current customers. The increase in add-ons for current customers is not surprising given Intacct’s 97% customer satisfaction rate as proven by actual customer feedback. The next closest competitor was FinancialForce and that company trailed Intacct with a 65% customer satisfaction rate. At the bottom of the list of competitors in the medium size market was Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) which chimed in at a lowly 14% customer satisfaction rate. Microsoft designed Dynamics GP more than 20 years ago before the commercial explosion of the internet and before cloud computing. It is not surprising that Microsoft’s Dynamics GP customer satisfaction is low in comparison to Intacct. The older generation of ERP was not designed with the agility needs of today’s customers in mind. The old generation of software cannot compete with today’s modern, best-in-class accounting solutions with respect to functionality and the ability to connect with new applications. Intacct maintains that customers can use its software on any browser, any device, with an interface user-friendly enough for non-financial personnel to learn the application quickly. Combine that with reports and dashboards made to fit your specific company’s needs, and it is easy to see why Intacct’s customers are so satisfied.

Intacct and its channel partners also have an impressive closing record across markets such as Software/SaaS, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. In the most recent second quarter, Intacct’s channel partners racked up the most closing deals in a quarter and the most channel partners with multiple closings in a quarter.

Intacct’s CEO, Robert Reid, maintains that Intacct’s almost 50% boost in new bookings is the result of the value it brings to mid-size companies. Intacct’s cloud-based ERP system improves mid-size company functionality in financial matters and provides “deep insights” into their own businesses. And, of course, the unmatched level of customer satisfaction makes a loyal customer base that Intacct’s competitors cannot beat.

Intacct’s applications allow customers to streamline their financial world and grow their businesses relative to their competitors. For example, its latest innovation is the Digital Board Book for SaaS metrics. The Digital Board Book provides real-time access to data that companies need to drive their SaaS business. The application delivers that data directly to the financial staff members and inside the financial application they use every day.

Not only does Intacct focus on producing a superior product, they also focus on hiring unparalleled employees and keeping them happy. Over the past year, the company has increased the number of its employees by 40% and has expanded the size of its San Jose’, California, home office. The company received two distinguished “Best in Biz” awards this past year, winning “San Francisco Bay Area’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in 2015”, as well as nailing a silver award in the “Best Place to Work” contest among medium size companies.

To read more about Intacct’s award for its Digital Board Book, read the article in PR NewsWire from February 2016 entitled “Intacct Digital Board Book for SaaS Metrics Wins BIG Innovation Award”.

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