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Is Sage Intacct Budget & Planning Right for You?

by | May 10, 2021

When it comes to your organizational data, you should have a solution that tailors to your business’ needs. Small companies can get by with Excel or QuickBooks, but eventually those will not be able to sustain the company’s growth. For example, you can read our blogs about outgrowing these types of systems: “5 Signs Your Accounting System is Holding You Back” and “Is Your Business Being Limited by QuickBooks?” On the other hand, maintaining finances can become strategic, effective, and collaborative with Sage Intacct Budget and Planning. 


So, let’s delve into the basics of Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning, or SIBP. First of all, it simplifies your bookkeeping and delivers dynamic budgeting and planning. By controlling the process, everyone who has access works on the latest version and can see who updated the budget and when. Collaboration from across your organization is painless, and department heads can build, edit, and create what-if scenarios for their budgets all in the same program. Plus, you can move sensitive data out of spreadsheets and emails and into a single, secure solution and limit access to budgets and payroll data depending on the user level.


Next, SIBP frees your business from the hassle of spreadsheets. The everyday challenges of managing spreadsheet data can halt productivity in your company, so the solution is to streamline your daily tasks into one, simple cloud system. This provides more flexibility and time to focus on strategic plans to take advantage of other business opportunities. By simplifying your planning and finances, you can concentrate on what really matters: serving your customers.


Another useful feature of SIBP is the ability to centralize your implementation, modeling, and performance management. Implementing your financial data and account structures with best-in-practice templates from Sage Intacct eases the process of managing your accounts. You can also create models and scenarios for comparison to get insight into your budget and plans with just a few clicks. Having access to such insight can prove to be very beneficial when creating a strategy for success because you can see other ways to allocate your finances. Additionally, you can automatically add plan information to your financial dashboards and reports. By doing so, you can compare your current performance with how you plan to manage for success. 


SIBP works best for smaller to midsize businesses, but it also meets the needs for larger companies looking for an efficient, cloud-based budgeting solution. For more information, click here

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