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Modernize Your Systems: Learn why Organizations are Leaving GP

by | Sep 29, 2014

Organizations are Leaving Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP has been around for decades, managing the business management of thousands of organizations across the globe. So why would you want to leave? As said earlier, Microsoft Dynamics GP has been around for decades. It actually predates the common definition of the internet. The software itself uses outdated delivery methods to service users, and is not built for business agility or balanced cost structure for your organization. Learn why Organizations are leaving GP.

Ease of Implementation and Pricing Simplicity

Even with the recent move to hosted and cloud-based options, Microsoft Dynamics GP is still built for on-premises. This means that implementation for your business will take anywhere from 3-12 months, and is generally sold with specific user sizes: 3 Users, 5 Users and up, with some users not provided full access. Then, in the upgrade period, you will be paying more to improve upon a “perpetual license.” Finally, if you choose an on-premises solution, think of the following that impact your pricing (Rarely included by Consultants):

  • Electric Costs
  • Server 5-Year Rule
  • Extra Downtime

We provide a full list of pros and cons of the different software delivery models available to businesses—On-Premises, Hosted, and Cloud—in our blog.

Compare this to a cloud solution such as Intacct. With a 6 to 18 week training and implementation period, a subscription-based pricing method (you know what you’re paying and why you’re paying it), and the ability to add or remove users to meet the needs of your organization; you get simplicity and scalability without the pesky servers (and related server costs). Plus, with a 99.988% 12-Month Average uptime, you don’t lose money that comes with downtime.

Best-in-Class Meets other Best-in-Class

The cloud makes it easy to connect disparate systems, leverage existing infrastructure, and eliminate information silos. So you can streamline processes by connecting Intacct with Salesforce or other CRM solutions, subscription management applications, and more. In contrast to connecting on-premises applications, cloud integrations are fast, simple, and flexible.

Simple Enough for the Non-Financial Team, Robust Enough for Public Companies

Intacct makes your team more effective from Day One. Unlike yesterday’s accounting solutions, it features an easy-to-use interface that even non-financial staff can pick up quickly. You can create customized dashboards and reports on the spot, and easily meet the additional reporting needs of multi-entity organizations. And you can do your job from any browser, any device—with total security.

Why Wait? Learn More about Intacct

As a provider of best-in-class financial software Intacct, we are pleased to help organizations move from their current system to cloud-based financials. Whether considering an upgrade from lower systems like QuickBooks or an upgrade in speed and usability like a move from Dynamics, contact us to see if Intacct is for you.