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NIU Now Offering Cloud Computing Certification

by | Mar 26, 2014

NIU Cloud ComputingNorthern Illinois University is now offering cloud computing certification at its Naperville campus.

A swirl of data, program suites and virtual store fronts such as Amazon, iTunes, and Google Drive are revolutionizing the way that we use and store information. This revolution will provide great opportunities for experts who understand Cloud computing. Research from Microsoft shows that public and private Cloud services will generate an estimated 14 million jobs worldwide in the coming year.

In response to the demand for well-trained information technology experts, Northern Illinois University is offering a Cloud Genius Certification course at NIU-Naperville. Cloud Genius® is a Cloud computing training institution founded by computing industry experts. In partnership with universities nationwide, Cloud Genius® provides cutting-edge, hands-on Cloud DevOps training that helps students learn to assist businesses transitioning to Cloud computing.

NIU’s course will consist of online learning and face-to-face sessions with certified Cloud Genius instructors. The course is designed in a flipped classroom format, meaning that students will review video lectures prior to each class and then work through hands-on exercises under the supervision of an expert instructor during class. Organizers say that the flipped classroom format allows students to receive more direct feedback and instruction from experts as they develop real-life computing solutions for local businesses

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