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Overcoming Challenges that Come with Rapid Company Growth

by | Oct 14, 2014

Overcoming Company Growth ChallengesThe best thing for a company may be the biggest challenge you face—especially if you dive in blindly. Time passes, you make smart decisions, and you grow your company—sometimes more rapidly than planned. Now what? Called “the best problem your business can have,” a period of rapid company growth can be a headache if you are not prepared for the financial impact.

No matter the growth—additional entities, additional currencies, additional transactions—you need a scalable solution that can handle this growth (and future growth) quickly and securely.

More Growth, More Problems?

Where do you turn? More spreadsheets, more time, more people? The last thing you need is more complexity added to your already strained manual processes. This would mean that you and your finance team would need to take even more time at the end of the month to organize data and close the books. You could hire, train, and acclimate new employees to your current system; choosing to take even more time for a temporary fix.

If you want to spend the 23rd through 30th of each month buried in paper, trying to find the right document, you have the patience of a saint. However, why do this when there is clearly a simpler solution?

Grow Smarter

You’ve come to a fork in the road. You can choose either the complex option mentioned above, or the simpler solution that has helped thousands of organizations to grow their businesses quickly, managing revenue without adding extra staff. See below a few examples of companies that have managed rapid growth without the headaches.

Adaptive Computing Completes More work with Fewer People

Adaptive Computing, a leader in cloud management and high performance computing management solutions used Intacct to improve their financial operations and enabled them to get the same amount of work completed while reducing their finance team headcount by one-third.

With Intacct, Adaptive Computing can easily add new entities as it grows and seamless incorporate that new business into its financial results – looking at the numbers on their own, or consolidated with the rest of the company financials.

Mountainside Fitness Gets Right Data at Right Time

Previously, Mountainside Fitness had difficulty producing the full set of financials for each of their entities: balance sheet, cash flow, income statements, etc. With Intacct cloud financial management, Mountainside Fitness Centers grew their business by getting the right information at the right time. Now, every entity has its own set of financials, a key insight for their banks and business partners.

Chief Financial Officers Choose Intacct for Growth

Financial directors and CFO’s across the nation are making the smart move to support growth without increasing staff, time, or manual processes. The video below shows how smart financial executives are managing more revenue and more accounting complexity without adding staff.

Through value-added resellers like InCloud360, Intacct has been the smarter choice for companies seeking sustainable growth and fewer headaches. Intacct is becoming the primary choice over QuickBooks, NetSuite, and even Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Check out our Accounting Software Selection Checklist to gain a true understanding of the process that businesses go through in selecting software.

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