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Recapping Intacct Advantage: One Analyst Weighs In

by | Nov 14, 2014

Advantage RecapIntacct Advantage 2014 has ended, allowing many of the vendors, customers, and potential clients satisfied with the direction of the company and excited to learn more about the partnerships that Intacct has forged. At what many consider a coming of age conference for the cloud financial software, Intacct did not disappoint.

Brian Sommer shared some of his favorite points, calling Intacct an ‘upwardly trending firm,’ and offering his own opinion on the present and future of the leading cloud accounting and financial management platform.

We mentioned that this was a ‘coming of age’ conference, because this was the first time that Intacct opened its user conference to analysts, a major jump for any software company. Sommer learned about Intacct alongside current users and partners, and here are the key points of his review:

  • Intacct has a lot of partners in its ecosystem: Mentioning specifically some of the software vendors, the AICPA (Intacct is the preferred software of this organization), and the accountants in attendance; Sommer said the reception was ‘quite crowded’
  • Intacct’s core accounting functionality, which was already strong, continues to improve: “Company executives clearly see their accounting depth as a key differentiator. Knowing some of their competitors’ products, I believe they may be right on this point (but others can best them in specific niches like Professional Services Automation functionality).”
  • Enhancements Impressed Sommer: Mentioned specifically by Sommer were the revenue recognition, the user experience, and the reporting improvements.
  • Intacct Executives Effectively and Candidly Answered questions: With this being the first time analysts were allowed, this was a risky move for Intacct. Sommer was impressed at the ability of the company to answer questions without ‘pre-packaged, on-message dreck.’
  • No Jargon, No Flat Earth, No Stuffiness: Sommer enjoyed the casual atmosphere, the lack of marketing buzzwords surrounding cloud applications today, and the lack of cloud vs. on-premise aggression that many user conferences face.

Sommer was impressed by the conference, the partnerships, and saw a bright future for Intacct. If you look to read through the entirety of the review, please read Intacct Conference offers Clear Advantages. Shouldn’t your growing firm see the advantages (and see us at Advantage next year)? Learn more about your move to the cloud by checking out the following resources:

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