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Rolling Forecasts: Your Guide To Success

Adaptive Insights Rolling Forecasts

Save your time—and your sanity—when implementing rolling forecasts in your organization. Steve Player, managing director of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, explains the advantages of continuous planning in a volatile marketplace, and the process to migrate from annual budgets to rolling forecasts.

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High-Quality, Customized Reports

Learn how to easily make board packages, narrative, management, and other ad hoc reports using the latest actuals, plans, and forecast data. Easily publish reports in any Microsoft Office program, such as Excel, using Adaptive OfficeConnect. Smartlink technology keeps live Word and PowerPoint reports up-to-date.

Profitability Analysis to Improve Decision-Making

Find out about effective profit and loss management with the Adaptive Suite. Greater insight into data increases profit, minimizes loss, and enables quick course-correct. Allocation, driver-based profit models and scenarios, and in-depth reporting allow for visibility toward achieving financial goals and strategies.

Stronger Capital Management


A Streamlined Financial Close

Watch a quick start guide for accelerating your financial close. The point-and-click rule engine allows for real-time validation, making it possible for automated consolidation and reporting. Improved management of accounting tasks, journal entries, and data modifications also improve collaboration and efficiency. Software and Technology.

Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Projections

See How Adaptive Insights Helps You Manage Your Cash Flow and Balance Sheets for More Accurate Planning and Forecasting.

Powerful, Intuitive Dashboards

Learn how dashboards in Adaptive Discovery deliver valuable narrative insight that’s vital to understanding your business and making data-driven decisions. Easily get visibility across dimensions, metrics, and more. Powered by a dynamic in-memory engine, dashboards provide the real-time visual analytics for the Adaptive Suite.

Accurately Predict Revenue With Integrated Financial and Sales...

Learn how Adaptive Revenue Solution enables sales and finance teams to make data-driven decisions according to revenue lifecycle management. Wielding data through source integration, configurable templates, and other reporting capabilities make for a more powerful solution that drives predictable revenue.

Better Expense Management by Accessing Key Cost Drivers

Discover multiple approaches to expense management in the Adaptive Suite. The collaborative and integrated environment delivers a complete view of spending and cash flow. Effectively managing costs, reducing cycle times, and improving visibility in real time are among the benefits of managing expenses in a cloud platform.

Intuitive, Web-Based Planning Sheets

Learn the features of Adaptive sheets — the heart of where people plan — that accommodate all types of planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Slice and dice across dimensions, easily adjust data, set global formulas, and more. The feel of Excel and intuitive features provide flexibility to suit any business model.