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Do You Owe Consumer Use Tax?

Consumer use tax laws impact a huge number of businesses, yet many face penalties from state audit departments because they don’t understand their use tax requirements.

Why do businesses get audited?

The logic behind the selection process and how you might get off the merry-go-round

Sales Tax Automation, Not Just For Big Companies

Anyone can automate their sales tax compliance, learn how.

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Sales Tax Bundling Webinar On-Demand

Bundler beware! Tax officials took a hard line with one Virginia software seller who mixed it up on his invoices. The provider assumed it was exempt from collecting sales tax on products delivered to customers electronically. But, because the customer also received a tangible version of the software and services connected with the product, the entire transaction was subject to sales and use tax according to local laws.

To avoid tax mishaps with your transactions, check out our Sales Tax Bundling webinar for helpful tips on:

  • What gets taxed and what gets exempted from tax
  • Why tangible property and services are often taxed differently
  • Why bundling services is risky from a potential audit perspective
  • How to streamline invoicing and keeping it simple for your customers

2017 Sales Tax Changes

Get ready for 2017 sales and use tax changes

New 2017 sales and use tax changes went into effect January 1st. Do you know how they could impact your business?

To help you understand how these changes may affect your compliance obligations, Avalara has released its 2017 Sales Tax Changes report, which explains significant sales and use tax changes taking effect at both the federal and state level.