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Sage Intacct to Host Conference for Tech-Driven Finance Leaders

by | Jan 23, 2019

Sage Intacct to Host Conference for Tech-Driven Finance Leaders

Modern SaaS Financial Summit

Accounting and finance are not just transitioning, they’re fundamentally transforming. The rise of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics is now making the impossible seem practical. Finance leaders are understandably excited about these new capabilities. But, as is the case during any disruption, there are a lot of questions and concerns.

Sage Intacct understands how CFOs, Controllers, and Revenue Operators feel. The company is hosting a complimentary conference on February 6th, 2019 aimed at exactly these types of finance leaders. Growth through automation is the theme of the conference, an issue where there is equal anticipation and anxiety. Throughout the day various accounting experts and industry-leaders will demonstrate how to leverage tech-driven finance strategies to become $100 million companies.

Marc Linden, CFO of Sage Intacct, will deliver the keynote kick-off. As someone who understands the benefits and hazards of high-tech finance, as well as the unique capabilities of Sage Intacct, his perspective promises to be illuminating.

After that attendees will be able to participate in a variety of workshops, round-table discussions, and networking events. Some of the issues that will be addressed include how to immediately begin scaling a business, and what metrics matter most in reporting. Anyone invested, involved, or just interested in SaaS solutions for finance will learn something valuable from this conference.

If you’re going to be in the Bay Area in early February, we strongly encourage you to register now.

Navigating Digital Transformation With Expert Insights

CFOs understand that technology will drive the future of accounting. Automation is able to accomplish massive amounts of routine accounting work in a fraction of the time and with little room for error. Technology is in the process of redefining how accountants work and what purpose they serve. Not surprisingly, that make seasoned accounting professionals a little uncomfortable.

The problem is not that they reject or even resist technology. The problem is that CFOs and their teams are finance professional, not tech professionals. Therefore, taking a tech-first, automation-driven approach to accounting fundamentals is like a leap into the unknown. Following the lead of CFOs already leveraging and optimizing SaaS makes things a lot less uncertain.

The Sage Intacct conference is designed for finance leaders who believe in technology and are committed to digital transformation. Their commitment runs so deep, in fact, that they want to ensure they’re following best practices and proven strategies. For that reason, they’re coming to work directly with leaders on the cutting-edge of finance.

If you have questions about the conference specifically or tech-driven finance generally, reach out to InCloud360.