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Selecting a Firm for Midmarket ERP Software Implementation: 5 Key Points to Consider

by | Jan 22, 2018

Selecting a Firm for Midmarket ERP Software Implementation

The success or failure of a midmarket ERP software initiative follows directly from the quality of the implementation. An effective effort expedites timelines, resolves issues, educates staff, and establishes a firm foundation. An ineffective effort wastes time and money while leading to a poorly customer satisfaction and potentially churn.

Keep these five points top-of-mind as you search for a firm to handle your implementation.

A Consultant is More Valuable than a Systems Administrator

A firm should provide technical assistance, but ideally they can transcend that role and act as a consultant through every stage of the implementation. A consultant will offer alternatives and challenge assumptions while leading the client to enthusiastically adopt best practices. Active engagement and willingness to take on a leadership role are huge positives.

Relationships  Matter Even in a Data-Driven World

Working with a local firm proves to be an asset throughout the implementation process. Geographic proximity makes it easier to meet face-to-face, offer hands-on support, and leverage local resources. The other benefit is that local firms often limit their roster of clients in order to dedicate more time and attention to each. A firm that is informed about your business and engaged with your interests is a valuable resource during the delicate process of an implementation.

Experience is the Most Important Credential

Lots of firms will claim to have extensive expertise and ample qualifications. This is only relevant if it can be backed up with demonstrable experience working on end-to-end processes at the enterprise level. Experience with process re-engineering (going beyond the application itself) is equally important. You want to have complete confidence that a firm can handle an implementation the is cross-functional and expands across business entities.

An Effective Firm is Willing to Show and Tell

A firm should act as a leader, but they should also work as an educator and adviser. Implementing any enterprise technology is a risk. Decision makers must perfectly understand what is at stake and what sorts of challenges could arise before, during, and after the implementation. An effective firm will balance optimism with realism in order to prepare the end user for the reality of implementing and operating a mission-critical solution.

A Static Solution is Unsuitable

Enterprise technology is explicitly designed to engineer growth. That means it must be able to scale, evolve, and customize itself in order to avoid overnight obsolescence. A good firm will implement a solution that allows businesses to grow with minimal to no limitations. The implementation becomes the springboard for a long-term, ever-changing solution.

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