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The 3 R’s of Customer Relationship Management Software

by | Jun 17, 2014


The 3 R's of CRM SoftwareIn seeking CRM software, there are many things your business needs to build its impact and adoption. From the Sales Staff to the C-Suite, companies need focused software that will offer reliability, growth, and transparency of information. But what do you need out of a customer relationship management (CRM) software that will ensure these needs are met?

1. Right Info

You need to be able to access the right data on demand. Whether your sales team needs prior projects to share with potential clients, your customer service team needs a fully integrated customer dashboard to know exactly what assistance the customer will need, or your marketing team needs to know where a customer stands in the sales funnel; having the right information is imperative to success. Think of the following needs and how having the right information could help:

  • Sales Team: A 360-Degree View of your customers, customizable analytics dashboard
  • Marketing Team: Effortless Lead Tracking, analysis of engagement
  • Customer Service Team: 360-Degree Activity History, Customer Topics and Points to recognize, measureable responsiveness of team, and a fully integrated knowledge base that allows you to answer the questions.

With the right intelligence, your business is unstoppable. Thanks to the new SugarUX, you can get the right information and make better decisions through contextual intelligence.

2. Right People

Knowing your customers is important. How would you like a full view of the customer as a person: Their preferences, dislikes, and rapport topics? Regarding the right people, how would you feel if you had the following?

  • Sales Team: Integrated dashboard built around social selling and customer information, a full view of customer information through social profiles and knowledge base, collaboration among team members, and information on the customer within the pipeline?
  • Marketing Team: Personalization of campaigns, multi-touch campaigns, proper targeting based on needs, measureable impact on potential customers.
  • Customer Service Team: Social Service and Monitoring, Collaboration across your full team, and case management and collaboration across departments.

Always putting the customer first is what SugarCRM does best. Capture every sales opportunity, get the full view of the right people, and build stronger relationships. Looking for getting the ‘right people’ on board for CRM adoption? Check out how to increase Sales Staff adoption of CRM software.

3. Right Time

Now, considering the impact of the first two needs businesses see in a CRM system, how do you bring all of these together in a timely manner that will positively affect your business impact on the customer? How can you get customer insight on demand? How can your team collaborate across many locations, departments, or even devices? Being able to have the right people and information are invaluable resources, but having everything as needed is vital for organizational success. Again, how would you feel if each department had the following?

  • Sales Team: Get every resource as you need it, recognize the relationships you have with the customer, and get the data as needed through an easy-to-use mobile application.
  • Marketing Team: Know when the best time to promote in order to keep your company at the top of mind, get reporting as needed, and share this with the sales team quickly and efficiently.
  • Customer Service Team: Get the right information about the right people before making contact and view it in an easy-to-read dashboard, provide real-time collaboration, and turn every channel into a rapid support channel.

You get to make better decisions—faster. This is where SugarCRM is built for your business. Built around providing the right information to the right people at the right time; this software is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Open sourced, completely customizable, and committed to your business success, SugarCRM has helped businesses in all industries recognize results and put the i in CRM. Check out the video below to see how they do this through leading partners like InCloud360

As a Silver SugarCRM partner, InCloud360 has been helping our customers put the ‘I’ in CRM since the very day we were provided the opportunity to add value to such a great product. As a leading provider of this and other solutions throughout Georgia, we invite you to join our mailing list and contact us for more information.