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The New Way of Managing Your Data: Interactive Visual Explorer (IVE)

by | Sep 15, 2021

We get it. Managing large amounts of data can be a dreadful task, but it is vital to running your business. Don’t you wish there was an easier way to look at all of your data? Well, look no further because Sage Intacct’s Interactive Visual Explorer lets you view your financial data with a graphical user interface. It compiles your data into visualizations that give you valuable insights across multiple business dimensions. You don’t have to worry about needing special IT skills to explore your data, and visualizations make analyzing your company’s needs easier than ever. 

Why should I make the switch?

The Interactive Visual Explorer, also known as IVE, provides data-driven insights that allows for a quicker analysis. IVE can help any company of any size and enhance ROI across your business. Here are some more reasons why IVE would be a valuable asset for your company:

  • Eliminates combing through time-consuming Excel sheets
  • Compares data visually over multiple time periods to identify trends, patterns, and correlations in seconds
  • Makes decision making faster with real time financial data
  • Tailors your insights with visualizations that fits best for the reader
  • Easy implementation and prebuilt data structures connect you to your financial data
  • Be confident in the accuracy and security of your data with native reporting built on live, transactional data and shared permissions

What differentiates Interactive Visual Explorer from other analytic tools?

IVE is highly interactive in comparison to other financial solutions. Users can adjust the visuals, more than 25 different types, to see how it best fits your needs. Additionally, it comes with over 200 prebuilt visuals that can help you decide what graphics work best for you. Your own visuals can be easily built and used by your employees. Also, IVE is ready for use upon activation, not requiring implementation services. It gives you the most excellent financial analysis for the most inexpensive option.

In order to get customers and partners up to speed, they can attend Interactive Visual Explorer training on demand. Plus, the wide range of prebuilt visuals provide frameworks so you can learn how to build similar visuals that cater to your company’s needs.

Visual data provides insights at a glance.

Leanne Malsbury, associate director of finance for the Halloran Consulting Group, said, “We use Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer to manage project resources and utilization as well as to compare budgets. It’s very intuitive. We love that we can quickly navigate between projects and customize graphs on the fly. It replaces Excel for us because it’s more accurate, easier to analyze the information, and more collaborative. We can focus on strategy instead of gathering the data.”
For more information about how Sage Intacct’s Interactive Visual Explorer can make your life easier, contact InCloud360.