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Timesheet Software in Professional Services is not Optional

by | Nov 17, 2014

Timesheet AutomationThe humble timesheet. Love it or hate it, time tracking is an absolute necessity for professional services including IT, law, design, and more—shouldn’t it be easy for both the manager and employee? Why do so many organizations still rely on paper time tracking, requiring more time, money, and headaches than it’s worth?

If you’re a manager, timesheets are your employees’ least favorite task to do each week. So, in managing your professional services firm with antiquated reporting processes, you are left two options:

  • Bribe employees to complete timesheets like this agency that installed a beer dispenser that only works when employees complete timesheets, or
  • Find a simple solution that can track time in real time—automatically.

As great as the former option may sound, the latter makes more business sense for both your business and your clients. Where can you find an automated solution that will help you improve your project visibility, billing transparency, and client satisfaction?

The answer is simple. Nexonia Timesheet software in the cloud.

Nexonia Timesheets makes it easy and convenient to manage timesheets online. You’ll be able track billable hours by project or customer, log vacation time off and sick days, and calculate time for payroll. As an administrator, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • Automated timesheet reminders, so you don’t have to chase employees who haven’t submitted their time
  • Correctly-submitted work hours
  • Paperless, fast processing
  • Automated integration with your other systems

Now, if you’re an employee, you may think this is a pretty robust way to spy on every waking minute of your life. But wouldn’t you rather report from anywhere and get approval much quicker? Plus, you no longer have to spend precious time recording, totaling, and submitting your timesheets.

Learn more by checking out the video below covering Nexonia Timesheets

If that’s not enough for your company, consider the benefits of integration. Whether it be through integration with your current accounting system or customer relationship management (CRM) software, Nexonia offers many solutions to help your business run more efficiently.

As a reseller of Nexonia, InCloud360 is pleased to share with you this great news. Learn more about Nexonia, its integrations with cloud financial management platform Intacct, and contact us to see what’s next.