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VAR vs. Direct Sales for Mid-Market Cloud ERP?

by | Jan 18, 2018

VAR vs. Direct Sales for Mid-Market Cloud ERP?

Your search for a mid-market cloud ERP solution could take you in one of two directions. Either you choose to partner with a local Value Added Reseller (VAR) or you work directly with the solution publisher. Neither of these is a bad option, but a VAR is called “value added” for a reason.

Learn about some of the advantages you can only get from going local:

Access Service and Support in Your Area

Adding a major new component to your IT infrastructure is a significant undertaking. Throughout the entire sales to support process would you want to work with a national/global company or would you prefer to work with someone who provides in-depth service and support industry like clients? A VAR  is eager and able to form long-term relationships and leverage local connections to service more of your solution needs.

Receive End-to-End Assistance

Many cloud ERP providers sell the subscription via direct sales and then for the implementation use in-house centralized professional services or more so they outsource to a contractor, consulting firm, or VAR.  Once the implementation is complete, they hand the subscription back to their in-house support organization.  The quality and timeliness vary by provider and the top tier providers require specific certifications and adherence to well-defined implementation methods and processes; Sage Intacct is one of them.

Since VARs are all about being hands-on, they handle the process from end-to-end; sales, implementation and ongoing support. They also learn your business model, specific needs and pain points, and immediate and ongoing goals in order to provide perfectly-tailored services. For SMEs that want end-to-end personalized services specific to their industry, working with a VAR unlocks a deeper level of service and commitment.

Benefit from True Consultancy Services

The more experienced VARs are much more oriented to providing business consultancy services to systematically re-engineer processes and apply best practices as opposed to services and skills generally limited to the software publisher’s system configuration. VARs also can integrate adjacent solutions rather than relying only on the marketplace apps. For companies that need a solution to not only work but work well across their entire business, a qualified VAR is uniquely able to customize your solution and improve your business processes.

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